Transaction Manager

Identify, collect, manage, and report all of your affiliated transaction information.

What is the Intercompany Transaction Manager?

The Intercompany Transaction Manager (“ITM”) is a tool which streamlines holding company (Form B) compliance, produces accurate, efficient reporting, and reduces compliance spend. Report affiliated transactions easier, faster, and more accurately. The ITM indexes your transaction summaries and makes them searchable, sortable, and ready to output.

Prepare customized, printable reports. Quickly locate documents and answer regulators’ questions during a financial examination. Effortlessly respond to due-diligence document requests.

The ITM helps avoid hefty fines and penalties by eliminating gaps or errors in your compliance reports.

Technology as a tool

We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. We believe in using the right tool for the job, even if you have to make it yourself. We discovered first-hand, that general business software like word-processing apps, spreadsheets, and email just don’t cut it when it comes to insurance compliance. Manage the mountains of reportable information with modern tools designed for the insurance industry.

Non-compliance is essentially a failure to communicate. If an insurer fails to communicate with regulators timely, accurately, and completely, then expect fines and penalties to follow. Our software makes insurance compliance easier, and bridges the gap between how compliance has been done for decades and how compliance should be done today.

Bring insurance compliance into the Digital Age

Business moves faster than ever before and the volume of reportable information increases steadily. Don’t expect regulators to ask for less information anytime soon. Other industries have adopted new technology to manage the explosion of information and compliance reporting. So why are we still using wet signatures, embossed corporate seals, and overnighting stacks of paper to the departments of insurance?

Why not send your compliance reports to regulators electronically? With the ITM, you can share your Forms B, C, D, etc. directly online with your regulators. As a secure cloud-based application, regulators simply browse to the ITM and, with your permission, login to view or download your holding company reports.

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